Norteast Pennsylvania Maternity Photographer ~ Steph's Little Angel

I can remember sitting in the Hub at Penn State, deciding that we'd be in each others weddings.  I can remember laughing together behind the back of our organic chemistry lab's nerdy TA.  I can remember, as roommates in our apartment, watching Sex and the City marathons sprawled out on her bed.  Even though months pass between conversations, I am still so grateful to call Steph one of my closest friends. 

She gave me the honor of taking Save the Date pictures for her after she got engaged.  And I am so honored to have gotten the opportunity to take maternity pictures for her as she awaited the arrival of her little one.

It took me so long to update the blog, that her beautiful little one is about to turn ONE!  And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bummed that they decided to move to Tennessee.  I have yet to meet her cutie in person, but I'm hopeful that some day soon I will get to give her hugs, and maybe even take a couple pictures of her and her mama.

Miss you Steph!

Sikora Baby Blog 1
Sikora Baby Blog 3
Sikora Baby Blog 2

Northeast Pennsylvania Child Photographer ~ Mikey

Oh, Hello!

It's been a looong time since I've updated the blog!

Happy to share this shoot with adorable Mikey!  Remember when he was such a little squish here? We had so much fun playing in leaves and riding the tractor.  I'm so glad to have gotten the chance to watch him grow into such a handsome little man.

Kozlowski 1
Kozlowski 2
Kozlowski 3
Kozlowski 4

Northeast Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer ~ Mikaela and Gabriel

One of the perks of having so many cousins, tremendously attractive ones at that, is that I get the honor of taking their senior pictures.  And if there's anything better than a senior photoshoot, is a double senior photoshoot with twins! 

So happy to share some of my favorites from Mikaela and Gabriel's photoshoot.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take your senior portraits. XO

Brutico 1
Brutico 2
Brutico 3
Brutico 4
Brutico 5
Brutico 6
Brutico 7
Brutico 8

Northeast Pennsylvania Family Portrait Photographer ~ The Pepper Family

What's better than a family photo shoot?  A double family photo shoot!  When I took my little trip down to West Chester to photograph this beautiful family, I also got to photograph Kerry and her handsome guys.  The one of her and her son is one of my all time favorite shots.

So grateful to have had the opportunity to take these pictures!! 

Pepper 1
Pepper 2
Pepper 3
Pepper 4

New Group Senior Sessions!